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Structure and safety to help global Quality teams work with consistency

Icologiq provides technology solutions and consulting expertise to support Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Management across the globe.

Create a proactive Quality Culture

When all departments are connected and have clarity about the Quality processes, requirements, and accountability, companies can spend more time anticipating problems instead of solving them. Many operational activities, including follow-ups and documentation management, can be optimized with the help of technology, releasing time for strategic discussions about topics that can be included in guidelines, prevention initiatives, and well-thought-of actions for process improvement aiming for zero failure. 

One platform, multiple solutions for end-to-end Quality Management

Control access to sensitive information

The Organization Manager functionality in Icologiq Elements allows leadership to grant access only to the information each team or individual needs to know to perform their jobs. 

Our platform uses tags and metadata to easily control the visibility of documents, procedures, and training materials by site, country, department, and job function. 

Roles and permissions can be managed centrally or locally to ensure that trade secrets, and intellectual property stay protected from general usage. 

Maintain Quality while
growing or expanding

When facing rapid growth, companies also need speed and standardized processes to onboard new collaborators properly. The way of working can be adapted according to specific local needs, and all knowledge can be registered centrally.

Stay on top of relevant KPIs, and monitor collaborators' competencies to ensure training and knowledge transfer is optimized.

Streamline processes and improve productivity using automated workflows to help your team spot and prevent flaws.

Meet compliance requirements
in highly regulated industries

Some businesses must meet rigorous compliance and regulatory requirements, having numerous Quality control points along their entire supply chain. Audits and risk assessments are also critical elements in the operational efforts of highly regulated industries, and having a reliable system to manage all processes with precision can significantly improve collaboration among different departments. Most of our clients operate in the following industries: Oil, Gas & Energy, Seeds, Animal Feed, Food, and Medical Devices. 

Schedule a personalized demo and discover how Icologiq Elements can help you take Quality Management to the next level.

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