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Quality Management solutions for the Food Industry 

For companies that produce and sell food, Quality has a very high impact, from preventing contamination to assuring that every single product meets standardized sensorial aspects to guarantee a consistent customer experience. A proper QMS setup allows Quality departments in different locations to operate with the same parameters and processes, helping global brands deliver the same product taste, color, and packaging in different countries.

We understand what is critical for our clients in the Food industry

Several points of control are absolutely essential to identify the risk of contamination in raw materials, production process, or distribution. Having end-to-end control of processes and documentation with streamlined workflows will ensure products are safe for consumption and deliver the right organoleptic parameters. 


From the colors of the packaging to the printed information on a label and all other raw materials, if Quality parameters are not met and identified on time, companies can suffer enormous production losses and supply issues.

Strict Vendor Control

Compliance & documentation

The industry-specific Quality assurance processes and controls are highly regulated for HACCP and food safety. Documents to support nutritional content levels and functional claims stated on labels also need to be available for all products.

Our EQMS is used by  internationally awarded Food companies 

Icologiq's specialized team supports each client to configure our standard solutions for their specific use cases, business structure, and locations, which allows our consultants to have relevant knowledge on industry-specific insights at global level.

These are some examples of what can be supported by Icologiq Elements in Food Quality Management: 

  • Setting up and controlling the consistency of parameters and procedures at the global level for multiple locations.

  • Identifying non-conformities in microbiology, nutritional level, taste, color, and other organoleptic parameters.

  • Organizing workflows for Quality control and testing protocols in all production stages, storage, and transportation. 

  • Tracking compliance with regulatory requirements and international brand standards.

  • Fast and easy access to Quality test results and documentation.

  • Setting up and tracking quality parameters. 

  • Registering and monitoring customer satisfaction with the products and incidents.

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Intersnack success story with Icologiq Elements

“Before we were introduced to Icologiq Elements, we still ran our company on paper. We chose Elements because it was an upgrade to the existing ‘system’ in many ways, particularly speed and ease of use. We save a lot of time because we no longer consult paper manuals to find documents. From the start, we have built and set up the system ourselves, making great progress over the past five to six years.”

Sander van Drimmelen
QA Services & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Intersnack.

Icologiq Elements EQMS.png
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Icologiq Elements is a platform with nine integrated modules that address the entire PDCA cycle and enable companies to comply with best-in-class Quality standards without having to use multiple software solutions.

The modules can be used separately or fully integrated according to your company's business priorities, maturity level, and Quality Culture.

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Highly configurable and user friendly

Globally deployable

24.000 users worldwide

Schedule a personalized demo and discover how Icologiq Elements can help you take Quality Management to the next level.

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