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Quality Management solutions for Energy, Gas & Oil

For companies in the Energy sector, Quality has a very critical impact, especially when it comes to meeting strict environmental, health, and safety regulations to protect lives. A proper QMS setup allows complex operations in multiple locations to have consistent risk management procedures, audit planning, incident tracking, and controls to quickly identify and prevent situations that could lead to dangerous consequences.

We understand what is critical for our clients in the Energy business

In a heavily regulated industry, it is crucial to have clarity about all the requirements that need to be met for the business to operate according to all laws and standards. A structured process can be supported by a system to track how a company meets each compliance requirement, helping with audits and licenses, for example.


Risk assessments

Mapping and handling risks in complex operations require a safe and robust structure.  Using multiple spreadsheets and emails to formalize processes can cause inefficiency and loss of critical corporate information for the decision-making process in case of of adverse situations.

Having all Quality-related data in one single platform allows global and local teams to have precise information about multiple sites and control the performance of relevant KPIs, reducing information asymmetry and allowing data sharing in a highly controlled and secure environment.

Data accuracy

Our EQMS is used by some of the world’s leading storage providers for Energy 

Icologiq's specialized team supports each client to configure our standard solutions for their specific use cases, business structure, and locations, which allows our consultants to have relevant knowledge on industry-specific insights at global level.

These are some examples of what can be supported by Icologiq Elements in Energy Quality Management: 

  • Setting up and controlling the consistency of parameters and procedures at the global level for multiple locations.

  • Identifying non-conformities and incidents and structuring automated workflows for them. 

  • Organizing processes for Quality control protocols in all production stages. 

  • Tracking compliance with regulatory requirements, licenses, and international standards. 

  • Fast and easy access to Quality test results and documentation.

  • Setting up and tracking performance parameters. 

  • Monitoring and tracking risk assessments with comprehensive maps and workflows. 

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VTTI success story with Icologiq Elements

VTTI has been using Icologiq Elements since 2010, and over the years, the company has automated all compliance-related activities. 

“VTTI operates in a complex, highly regulated business environment that is often audited. This means that we are navigating a myriad of regulations and laws that are often changing or being updated and, at times, differ from country to country. It is simply no longer possible to manually create all the reports that governments require of us, nor meet the expectations of auditors when information comes from a multitude of sources and applications." 

Margit Blok
Senior Vice President, Safety and Sustainability at VTTI.

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Icologiq Elements is a platform with nine integrated modules that address the entire PDCA cycle and enable companies to comply with best-in-class Quality standards without having to use multiple software solutions.

The modules can be used separately or fully integrated according to your company's business priorities, maturity level, and Quality Culture.

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Highly configurable and user friendly

Globally deployable

24.000 users worldwide

Schedule a personalized demo and discover how Icologiq Elements can help you take Quality Management to the next level.

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