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Quality Management solutions for the Animal Feed Industry 

For companies that produce animal feed, Quality is a vital element of the business to guarantee consistency in the nutritional content and maintenance of its integrity until the moment of consumption. The proper Quality Assurance processes and Controls will determine the safety and performance of the feed so clients can obtain predictable results on livestock body weight, growth, lactation, and health. 

We understand what is critical for our clients in the Animal feed business

Controlling nutritional degradation and microbiology requires structured processes and several Quality checks. A proper QMS setup allows departments to quickly identify deviations from raw materials to finished goods and track variables like storage conditions, for example, that could impact the product's organoleptic properties.

Nutritional Parameters

Making sure that only safe products are released to the market, meeting all regulatory and performance standards so animals can have a healthy growth and development. 

Safety and Compliance 

Guaranteeing the Quality and traceability of all raw materials sourcing is key to determining the safety and performance of the production, including the control of pathogenic micro-organisms. 

Raw materials control

Our EQMS is used by global  enterprises in several countries and languages

Icologiq's specialized team supports each client to configure our standard solutions for their specific use cases, business structure, and locations, which allows our consultants to have relevant knowledge on industry-specific insights at global level.

These are some examples of what can be supported by Icologiq Elements in Animal Feed Quality Management: 

  • Predefine, document, and control Quality compliance standards for raw materials and final products.

  • Track Quality parameters and KPIs of ingredients sourcing, production stages, storage, and transportation. 

  • Identify non-conformities in meeting nutritional requirements, microbiological standards, and regulatory compliance. 

  • Fast and easy access to Quality test results documentation and production data.

  • Full chain traceability from raw materials to after-sales. 

  • Global consistency of parameters and procedures in multiple locations or geographies. 

  • Monitoring customer satisfaction with the products and livestock performance. 

We are proud of having clients like: 

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De Heus success story with Icologiq Elements

"Icologiq Elements was adopted worldwide by De Heus Animal Nutrition, and it contains data from all our QA departments across the globe. Thanks to the controls and information sharing enabled by the platform, we could identify the instability of a particular vitamin and prevented a potential recall of 10,000 MT of feed that could have caused animal health issues".  

Carl Ijzerman
Group Manager QA & QC at De Heus 

Icologiq Elements EQMS.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 15.55_edited.png

Icologiq Elements is a platform with nine integrated modules that address the entire PDCA cycle and enable companies to comply with best-in-class Quality standards without having to use multiple software solutions.

The modules can be used separately or fully integrated according to your company's business priorities, maturity level, and Quality Culture.

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Highly configurable and user friendly

Globally deployable

24.000 users worldwide

Schedule a personalized demo and discover how Icologiq Elements can help you take Quality Management to the next level.

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