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A complete digital platform to integrate and enhance Quality across your entire organization 

Icologiq Elements is an EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System) that allows companies to create a safe, organized, and controlled framework where multiple departments can access precise information and collaborate efficiently in quality-related activities to meet compliance requirements even in the most regulated industries.

Icologiq Elements EQMS

Reduce information gaps that can put your business at risk and improve process control using a system specifically designed to drive excellence in Quality Management.  

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Icologiq Elements is a platform with nine integrated modules that address the entire PDCA cycle and enable companies to comply with best-in-class Quality standards without having to use multiple software solutions.

The modules can be used separately or fully integrated according to your company's business priorities, maturity level, and Quality Culture.

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Highly configurable and user friendly

Globally deployable

24.000 users worldwide

What makes Icologiq Elements unique

Flexible solutions 

Standard settings ready for ISO and FDA that are highly configurable, allowing each client to meet their specific regulatory and Quality requirements. Modules and functionalities can be added at any time.

Easy to scale and deploy globally

Guarantee process consistency in multiple locations and simultaneously create room for specific local needs. Our user-friendly interface can be available in various languages and countries.

Ready for highly regulated industries

Over 25 years, we specialized in providing EQMS to companies that demand very strict quality controls and risk mitigation practices to meet high standards in regulatory compliance. Quality is a core pillar for several industries we serve, such as Seeds, Food, Energy, and Medical Devices.

One-stop system for Quality demands

Instead of using many different tools for each specific need or facing complex implementation processes that require significant customization or IT resources, we specifically developed a system to meet Quality Management and avoid several disconnected systems running simultaneously.

Centralized control of access and roles

Accelerated growth and expansion require a structured approach to setting up new operations, onboarding new employees, mapping competencies, and managing compliance. Track workflows and increase security, avoiding exposure to risk situations caused by quality flaws

A platform customers love with expert support that makes all difference.

"We chose Elements because it was an upgrade to the existing ‘system’ in many ways, particularly in terms of speed and ease of use. From the start, we have built and set up the system ourselves, making great progress over the past five to six years."

Sander van Drimmelen

QA Services & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Intersnack.

“We no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of different systems and storage. We have created order in the hundreds of different documents and now we can run better reports, which allows us to make better decisions.”

Martin Rijnen

Global Director Nutrition at De Heus

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Schedule a personalized demo and discover how Icologiq Elements can help you take Quality Management to the next level.

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