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Helping companies manage the invisible


Icologiq is a software company based in The Netherlands with 25 years of expertise in providing technology and consulting services to global enterprises that seek best-in-class Quality Management Systems. 

Our proprietary EQMS platform, Icologiq Elements, offers solutions that allow organizations to manage their entire Quality ecosystem in an integrated, controlled, and digitized way, preventing critical corporate information from "staying invisible" by getting lost in collaborators' emails, file folders, memory or personal notes.

Our History

Icologiq was founded in Enschede in 1996, by Peer Reinhard, initially under the name Quality Online. Back then, when the company was created, Quality departments were only starting to embrace new technologies to help improve controls with digital records of documents and process mapping. 

Icologiq_Peer Reinhard_CEO.png

Our business started when companies still used Lotus Notes as the backbone of Quality Management and needed expert support to get the most out of that technology. By understanding the needs of our customers and their internal processes, we started to develop successful QHSE client-server applications. Due to their rapid success, we shifted our focus to building software that could be immediately deployed at scale, bringing uniformity and consistency to Quality Management in organizations with global operations. 


​"Our mission is to provide software solutions that enable organizations to improve their Quality culture with structured information, processes, and controls for QHSE to prevent

By 2003 we had our proprietary Java software platform as a replacement for Lotus Notes. As our services and technology kept evolving with our clients, the company's name changed to Icologiq in 2014 to represent the combination of an ecosystem for information management, the logic of processes, and the IQ of a smart organization.

Merging these three aspects, we have developed a comprehensive EQMS platform called Icologiq Elements that has a set of 9 integrated and flexible modules for QHSE that are easy to manage centrally and scalable to other locations or geographies.  


flaws, mitigate risks and achieve operational excellence to keep

products, collaborators,

and customers safe."

Peer Reinhard         

Founder and CEO         

Our Expertise


Over the years, we specialized in providing Quality Management Systems to businesses that demand strict controls and risk mitigation practices to meet high standards with regulatory compliance. Icologiq offers both the technology and process expertise with experienced consultants to help companies implement and maintain best-in-class Quality practices that are consistent and scalable to support growth ambitions. 

Quality is a core pillar for several industries we serve, such as Seeds, Food, Animal FeedEnergy, and Medical Devices, working as a license to operate in most cases. The controls, processes, and workflows necessary to keep companies and their clients protected from failure and risk are numerous. They need a proper setting to manage many actions and departments working together with a high volume of sensitive information.


Working at Icologiq


We are proud of our enthusiastic, diverse, and talented team that creates solutions to support our clients with the implementation and maintenance of best-in-class EQMS that runs in multiple countries and languages.


At Icologiq, we don't just sell software. We are customer-driven and believe that understanding each business's specificities is the key to building long-lasting partnerships that will help our clients increase their Quality Management maturity level and reach their organizational goals.




Our team works in a hybrid format, from home or at Icologiq's office in Enschede, a tech-driven city in the east of The Netherlands. Developers, product engineers, consultants, and customer service experts are some of the main roles in our organization, and as we grow with our clients, our team is also growing. 

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