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Icologiq’s Online Service Portal

Through our Online Service Portal users can submit registrations and track their status 24x7.

The Online Service Portal uses a form with a number of mandatory fields. This gives use greater insight into the registrations than before, negating the need to contact the person submitted the report in order to acquire additional information. This shortens the lead times.

Clients have their own page on the Online Service Portal. This allows them to track the status of their registration, and to access an archive of previous questions and problems.

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The portal contains a link to our online knowledge base. Clients can search in this knowledge base, but it also has a certain level of intelligence to provide the client with suggestion when he is submitting a registration. This works very much like Google. We can further reduce the number of registrations with this form of serf-service. But more importantly: our clients receive answers to their questions much faster.

A benefit of this approach is that it allows us to easier report on the type of problems and questions of customers. This enables us to implement targeted improvements in our software and resolve causes of problems. This has a positive effect on the number of registrations.

Clients respond with enthusiasm. Even though some people must get used to the fact that they need to provide more information at their additional registration, says Service Manager Maurice Kamphuis. “This feels like a waste of time, but it actually is not, as it concerns information we need anyway. We would just have contacted the person submitting the registration to acquire this additional information otherwise. We have introduced the Online Service Portal to shorten the lead time of registrations, and we can see that we actually achieved this.”