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About us

Icologiq is a fast growing player that focuses on the innovation of safety and quality systems. We develop software in the field of digitisation of QHSE processes which helps companies to standardise their practices and make the outcome of processes predictable. This grants our clients higher quality and greater flexibility.

The essence of our EQMS software platform is that quality improves because everyone in the organization works the same way: each business unit and location uses the same procedure for things like handling a complaint, conducting an inspection or registering and settling a proposal for improvement. Because of this uniformity, the turnaround time and outcome of processes are predictable. Turnaround times and results depend on the complexity of the subject, and no more on the complexity of the organization. The added value of Icologiq is not only in our software, but also in the fact that we help you to simplify and unify processes.

Icologiq has 20 years of experience in the realization of this concept to secure valuable and unique knowledge for the current and future generations of managers and employees.

Meet these new concepts through a Proof of Concept without obligation

Of course, you will not simply trust our reliable faces if we jointly develop an EQMS-software platform and implement your processes in our software. This is why we start every implementation with a Proof of Concept (PoC) of eight weeks. During this period, we achieve a basic system using four two-week sprints which gives an overall picture of what your organization can expect of the Icologiq Elements implementation. Based on this PoC, you can make a decision on the final implementation. A PoC limits your risks.

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