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When it comes to digitising and innovating processes, Icologiq has a proven track record.

The success of our methodology is all about people. As a result, Icologiq software will not result in IT-projects, but it will initiate a change project that is carried out by your staff supported by our consultants. By means of our agile approach, you will remain in control of the project and the final results. We will work together with your team to make sure that all defined objective are achieved.

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Decisive digitalisation with Icologiq

Icologiq Elements and Icologiq Universe ensure uniformity and standardization in the way processes are carried out. Icologiq Elements offers 9 integrated solutions. Icologiq Universe focuses on enabling employees in the workplace and those in innovation teams to engage in rapid problem solving.

As a result, organizations are able to activate continuous improvement processes, initiate improvement proposals, and monitor the execution. These are all valuable business functions. When implementing Icologiq Universe, the following goes: As soon as an opportunity for local improvement arises, you are able to start immediately, together with your team.

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Icologiq offers service concepts that are aimed at creating a long-lasting relationships with our clients. Constant technical and functional updates for Icologiq Elements and Icologiq Universe are not only initiated by our staff but based on active constant feedback of our client base keeping them, and us, at the forefront of effective business applications. Icologiq Universe supports continuous deployment of new functionality, by which new functionality can activated at any given moment by the users themselves.

An organization that acts diligently is no longer sufficient. Recording proof through functions such as audit trail and digital signature is built in our software. This allows Icoloqic to be employed in every sector and meets the requirements with respect to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and to the new GDPR privacy act.

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