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Working at Icologiq: Youp Elzing (Business Consultant)


The best way to really get to know the culture of an organisation is to let the employees speak. Youp Elzing already had experience with a process-based way of working from a customer-oriented approach, and this was exactly what appealed to him when he saw the vacancy for Business Consultant at Icologiq. He has now been working at Icologiq for more than three months. “Every day is different due to the variety of tasks and sectors.”

Hello Youp, how did you end up at Icologiq?
“Last summer, I saw the vacancy on LinkedIn and I quickly noticed it was a good fit with my experience. At the time, I was a consultant at a similar company, so the job description matched my profile well. What particularly appealed to me about the vacancy, was the range of clients and sectors that Icologiq works with. My attention was also drawn to the statement “You are going to work for an IT company, but everything revolves around people – internally as well as with our clients.” That people-oriented approach is something that suits me.”

How do you like your new job so far?

“I have received a warm welcome by the team from the start. When I arrived at my new workplace – in September we still had the opportunity to work in the office – they had even arranged for flowers, which I really appreciated. Moreover, everything was arranged in such a way that I could get started right away. This way, you immediately get a professional and well-organised image of the company. I liked the fact that I was still able to work in the office in the first months, so that I could get a little more guidance and I had enough space to ask questions. Since the second lockdown, everyone has been working from home again, but this is going well for me: I have been given the necessities to be able to work from home. It’s also possible for me to go to the office if I want, as long as I let them know in advance.”

What do you like most about working at Icologiq?

“It may sound like a cliche, but every day is different. This has to do with the combination of working with customers in different sectors, and the difference in activities: sometimes I am busy setting up a new module with a customer, the next moment I’m solving online or offline issues and later I’m coordinating upgrades with customers so that they can move on to the latest versions of our modules. I also have internal agreements, such as the daily’s and the planning. This wide variation in activities really appeals to me.”

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

“I think that very same variation is also the biggest challenge at the same time. You have to be able to speak to all customers, answer their questions and help them with complex issues. Until now, I still need help with this, because I am not completely familiar with the platform myself. It is a challenge to improve myself in this. Furthermore, our customers are all in the same boat: they are subject to high quality requirements in terms of legislation and standards. As a company, this requires us to deliver a high-quality product. That is why it is important for me to map out the customer’s wishes as well as possible and then communicate them to the developers.”

What have you learned during the first few months?

“First of all, the product itself (Elements) is particularly interesting to me, because it is such a unique product. As the customer can link various modules to a platform, he quickly has a solid quality management system that meets his needs well. It is smart to deliver the package in such a way that customers can choose their required modules themselves. Until now, I am working hard to master all modules. This takes a lot of time, so I hope that I can take big steps in this as soon as possible. I also learned to work in an organised way, for example through daily’s. We work according to agile principles with sprints of two weeks. This makes it clear which goals should be achieved in two weeks. I have also learned to work with a number of systems and tools.”

What’s it like, working as a young professional in a team consisting of so many different people of all ages?

“I think it is great to work with people of different ages. I really enjoy being able to fall back on employees who have been working at the company for a while and who know all the ins and outs. For example, if I have a question about a customer, it is very nice to have colleagues who have been in contact with this customer for 10 years. Perhaps my added value is that I’m able to look at certain things from a fresh perspective. The age differences also makes for good humor. We are working in a professional team with a matter-of-fact working culture, which I like. Everyone is taken seriously and open to discussions.”

You already have experience with processes. What caught you attention working at Icologiq, comparing to previous functions?

“Something I really liked about my previous position and which also positively surprised me at Icologiq, is the customer-oriented approach. A common mistake in working with processes, is an orientation based on the product rather than the customer. Companies then focus on making a product they believe to be as good as possible, but instead you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes: the customer wants something and you find a way to implement that in your product. Customer thinking is process thinking. By looking at processes in this way, it is also easier to stop unnecessary activities that don’t matter as the customer doesn’t need it. I can contribute to this by bringing this experience from my previous position.”

What else would you like to learn at Icologiq?

“I would like to learn more about the different sectors our customers are active in. Once the corona situation allows for it again, I think it would be nice to, for example, go on a company visit, possibly with the other consultants. Outside of work, I also look forward to being able to hang out with the team again after the corona period, for example by eating out. Two weeks ago we had a “corona proof” dinner through Zoom, which was a lot of fun as well. In addition, I hope to settle down properly in the near future, so that I am independent enough to discuss or implement matters myself with a customer.”

About Icologiq Elements

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