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Working at Icologiq: Leonie Sijtsma (Software Engineer)


Starting a job at a new company during the corona crisis can be quite a challenge, especially if you are also the youngest in the team and one of the few women. Nevertheless, Leonie Sijtsma quickly found her way during her first three months at Icologiq, thanks to her helpful and welcoming colleagues. “After two months, I already understood how to solve most issues on my own. That’s what you do it for as a Software Engineer.”

Hey Leonie, why did you start working at Icologiq?

“I have always studied in Enschede and after completing my master’s in Scotland, I wanted to go back to Enschede and find a job here. Something that appealed to me about the vacancy at Icologiq, was their strong product and their clear focus on this product. Many other software companies are busy with many things at the same time, so that it’s not always clear what they are offering. At Icologiq, I saw a strong focus on the product from the start. As my study was very aimed at creating mobile applications, this sounded like a fun challenge to me. I thought it would be cool to help with the switch to Elements Mobile. ” 

How has working at Icologiq been for you so far?

“It is strange to start a new job during the corona crisis. Gladly, I was able to work in the office in the beginning. I basically worked alone, but a lot of people came to me during the break to go for a walk together, so I got to see everyone at least once. Working from home is not my favorite thing in the world, I prefer to have colleagues around me, but fortunately this function is easy to perform from home. We all try to make it as fun as possible by sending messages to each other via Teams and the chat with crazy gifs, to keep that feeling of small talk at the coffee machine. Sometimes it gets a bit quiet, although that helps me improve my concentration.” 

What do you like most about working at Icologiq?

“I really enjoy working in a small team, which enables me to know everyone in the company and the other way round. I like being able to ask anyone anything and knowing I can always call my colleagues via Zoom or Teams. As a result, I don’t feel like I have to figure it out myself as a junior.” 

What is the biggest challenge for you?

“Learning about the product was a challenge to me. Since Elements is quite large, it is sometimes difficult to add your personal touch to it, especially if you are just starting. Elements was built over many years and when you step into it, it seems like a lot at first. Fortunately, my colleagues guided me through it step by step, so that it wasn’t too overwhelming. Until the end of December I mainly focused on Elements and now I’m switching a little more to Universe, to see how this works as well.”

What have you learned so far?

“The first day I came in, I was faced with quite a lot. I wondered if I would ever be able to understand all this. However, by the end of December I was already able to solve most issues on my own, which I thought was very cool. That’s what you do it for as a Software Engineer.”

What’s it like working as a young professional in a team of all ages?

“I am not only the youngest in the team, but also one of the few women. I am used to the fact that as a woman, you often don’t work with many other women in this field, but I think it is also partly up to your colleagues: what are they talking about, to what extent do they involve you in the things they do ? I don’t always understand everything, but so far the collaboration has been going very well. During the daily’s, my colleagues often ask what I am doing and they tell me what they are doing themselves. The nice thing is that some of them are doing something completely different from me. Fortunately I grew up with two brothers, so I know something about Formula 1 as well. That makes it easy for me to have a say at the imaginary coffee machine.”

What is something else you would like to do at Icologiq?

“To me, it’s a lot of fun to get started with Universe. This also fits well with my Mobile Web Development Training. I really enjoy combining programming with my knowledge of web design and UX / UI. I appreciate being able to work with this.”

About Icologiq Elements

About Icologiq Elements

We advise and support organisations in their transition from a traditional quality management system to a digital one (eQMS). This often allows our customers worldwide to work more effectively and efficiently, reduce their costs and simultaneously show at any time that they comply with laws and regulations.

Icologiq was voted #26 in the Top 100 of most innovative companies in the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in 2019. Projects we carry out, lead to structural and sustainable organisational improvements and digital excellence. Our modern working and communication methods allow us to work effectively with our clients who have to meet high requirements and strict regulations. Severe sanctions are lurking, meaning our clients apply a strict regime of improvement management and operational excellence.

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