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The Elements Suite

The Icologiq Elements platform consists of 12 modules, covering the complete spectrum of quality management. Therefore, using Icologiq Elements nearly automatically leads to compliance with, for example, ISO 9001: 2015, FDA and GMP. The big advantage of this is the possibility to cover all of your quality processes in one central platform. Your quality team can get started with priorities that really matter.

Organisation Management

Organisation Management is the basic module that allows you to map your entire organisation, terminology and employee roles/rights. You can instantly implement organisational changes in the quality management system.


Analytics allows you to create automatic reports in every module of Elements. Receive visually attractive insights into the status of your quality process, your KPIs and periodic reports. Analytics is always delivered inclusively at the start of an Icologiq Elements project.

Document Management

Manage all your documents in a secure and structured environment. With Document Management, you can assign reading rights to specific (groups of) users, submit change proposals and set up automated version management. This way, you are guaranteed to work with the correct and most up-to-date version of a document. In addition, the module provides automatic reminders for reviewing or replacing documents.

Non Conformity and Complaints Management

Also known as the CAPA module, Non-Conformity & Complaints Management offers you an up-to-date insight into complaints at any time. In addition, the associated tasks are automatically delegated to the appropriate responsible employees. The module offers you as a manager a quick and easy insight into the progress and follow-up of complaints.

Audit Management

Audit Management supports the entire audit process: from planning, preparation and implementation to the preparation of audit reports and the follow-up of findings. By keeping an audit calendar, you can automatically assign tasks to employees.

Risk Management

Risk Management enables you to adequately identify, register and eliminate risks within your organisation. The module offers you an up-to-date insight into the risks at all times, categorised according to urgency. As a result, your organisation continues to improve proactively.

Elements Mobile

The Elements mobile application optimises and accelerates your business processes, wherever and whenever you want. Elements Mobile increases employees’ willingness to report. With this module, you can submit pre-configured notifications and automatically send them out to the responsible employees or departments.

Continual Improvement

Register improvement actions and follow them up in a uniform way. The Continual Improvement module offers you automatic insight into the follow-up. You involve your entire organisation in the improvement process, so that quality improvement and the prevention of waste are supported throughout the organisation.

Training & Competence Management

The Training & Competence Management module allows you to manage competencies within your organisation and make them transparent. Record which requirements and qualifications employees have to meet and adjust these centrally, but also plan and monitor the education and training. This way, you keep the available knowledge up-to-date. Appoint trainers and automatically remind trainees of planned training sessions, through dates and locations.

Management of Change

With Management of Change, you plan changes and strategic initiatives step by step and have them executed in a controlled way. Create maximum support for improvement objectives, both internally and externally.

SHE Management

SHE Management creates an overview of safety-related incidents, reports from the professional field, reports and action monitoring. The module automatically generates overviews with the status of reports and assigns tasks to the responsible employees or departments.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management offers the central management of and direct insight into the current status of (legal) obligations. Our solution helps you meet all requirements regarding permits, certificates and the periodic performance of inspections when it comes to quality, safety, the environment, corporate social responsibility and legislation.

Our customers

“The big advantage of process management is being ensured you understand each other. It's the only way to make sure everyone involved feels the same way about the product, so that you can collaborate efficiently with colleagues around the world."
Erik Postma
H.M. Clause
“Icologiq is in charge of the maintenance of the package, which relieves us enormously. We don't have to worry that the package is not up to date, that the servers need to be updated, and so on. Because the entire management process is no longer with us, we can also focus on the core business.”
Peter Deen
Medicc Sports
“The internal feedback from our employees is very positive. Every time we think a particular feature would be useful, it turns out that the system already has that feature.”
Emily Flynn
Inari Seeds
“I would describe the collaboration with Icologiq as equal. They understand our business, we can talk to each other on an equal level. We learn from them and they learn from us. It is not a customer-supplier relationship, but a real partnership.”
René Gijsbers
de heus
“The advantage of digitisation in general is that the company can harmonise a number of activities worldwide at an organisation-wide level. This provides you with a bit of transparency and a bit of control, and control is risk management - resulting in reducing risks. You ensure that you can easily carry out a number of processes worldwide in an easy way, which prevents problems and unnecessary costs. You strive to prevent problems, because solving them afterwards is always costly.”
Carl Ijzerman
De Heus
“As a manager, you are in charge of the process: the system is available to everyone in the organisation, but at the same time you can also set it up in such a way that certain parts are protected from users. This leads to a sense of freedom.”
Sander van Drimmelen


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