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Streaming Video’s: the Future of Adequate Competency Management


“When new employees start working at a company, they are often told what to do, but not how to do it,” Erik says. “The information needed to carry out their tasks is often not sufficiently defined in a company. As a manager, for every new position you should ask yourself: what is the minimum amount of knowledge and skills that an employee should possess for this function? How do I ensure that employees understand and own the complexity of a job?”

A consequence of the lack of clear work instructions is that employees have to start learning everything by themselves. “For example, previously I wasn’t able to work with Excel at all,” he says. “I have invested a lot of time trying to understand how to convert information into knowledge in the system. Eventually I figured out how the program worked, but was it the most efficient option? The easiest and most effective way to learn, is to watch how someone else is doing it first. As this is not always possible for everything due to a lack of time, videos can provide the solution. This way, you make the information available to everyone. My philosophy is that streaming videos can take the quality management system to the next level.”

Video Streaming as a Part of Quality Management

“Performance evaluation is related to leadership,” Erik continues. “Not all managers realise that it isn’t up to the employees whether or not they understand something. That has to do with the training offered by management. Therefore, as a manager you need to understand what is going on in the workplace from the top management. For everything you do, you should ask yourself: does this information help my employees perform their duties better? Once you understand this, your company can improve.”

In the latest version of the platform, Icologiq Elements has been expanded with a function for Video Streaming. The importance of this function is in the technology applied within Elements. In short, this technique ensures immediate availability everywhere in the world. For example, if you are working at a height of 150 meters in a windmill, you don’t want to wait 15 minutes for that one instructional video to be available and then wait endlessly for the right fragment to show up as well. With Icologiq’s streaming video app, you can arrange it just as quickly as retrieving a document. Working with a video enables you to fast-forward to the correct fragment without delay.

About Icologiq Elements

We advise and support organisations in their transition from a traditional quality management system to a digital one (eQMS). This often allows our customers worldwide to work more effectively and efficiently, reduce their costs and simultaneously show at any time that they comply with laws and regulations.

Icologiq was voted #26 in the Top 100 of most innovative companies in the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in 2019. Projects we carry out, lead to structural and sustainable organisational improvements and digital excellence. Our modern working and communication methods allow us to work effectively with our clients who have to meet high requirements and strict regulations. Severe sanctions are lurking, meaning our clients apply a strict regime of improvement management and operational excellence.

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