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Merger Results in Synergy through Complete Process Integration

HM.Clause, specializing in vegetable seeds varieties for professional growers, standardizes worldwide processes using Icologiq Elements. It has resulted in increased quality and the organization now has greater control over critical processes such as client complaints, innovation, and the management of portfolio and intellectual property.

In 2008, the Harris Moran Seed Company and Clause merged under the name of HM.Clause. At first, the organizations continued to exist alongside each other. By implementing Icologiq Elements, HM.Clause can now ensure that everyone worldwide works according to similar ‘best-in-class’ processes. Standardizing working methods and making them uniform enables the organization to anticipate circumstances as they change. What’s more, the new working method facilitates continuous improvement because staff members can make suggestions about how to improve processes. If the suggestions are agreed upon, they will apply to the entire organization.

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Icologiq incorporates the entire company structure: processes, functions, and responsibilities. Staff members can see how their work coincides with that of others and the moments of transfer are clear. For the first time, they can gain insight into how processes really take place and how departments are connected.

Within three years, HM.Clause will configure Icologiq Elements to standardize and digitize all strategic, tactical, and supporting processes.

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