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Stimulates and structures innovation with Icologiq Elements

In order to make the best possible use of the innovative strength of its staff, NedTrain introduced 'My Idea' seven years ago, a digital ideas process for all employees, which has resulted in more than 10,000 ideas and more than 15 million Euro in savings.

"Many organisations have a suggestion box, but few manage to keep it up to date for years. But not at NedTrain. In 2008, we wanted to increase the enthusiasm for the suggestion box by lowering the threshold to submit ideas and better informing colleagues after submitting an idea," says Peter-Jan Vos, Head of Innovation Management. Employees want to contribute ideas on how we can organize our business even better. This is why we have digitised the supporting process with Icologiq Elements, which was called Quality Online back then, and provided it with a workflow.

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Work floor

In this way, we encourage interaction. Ideas often arise when two or more people both experience a bottleneck from a different perspective and need to deal with it. We make clear who are the champions of innovation in our organisation. For managers, this system also gives more insight into what colleagues in the workplace experience as a problem or bottleneck," says Peter-Jan Vos.

Social innovation

Software not only stimulates innovation of business operations, but also social innovation. Icologiq Elements facilitates the communication about improvement plans by connecting employees with the right expertise. We encourage the emergence of a culture of continuous improvement."

My Idea requires an update. The new application focuses on the social component. NedTrain will appoint themes that require a solution, for example. Employees can submit their ideas on possible solutions, but also reinforce the ideas of others, or simply support them by giving a like.


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