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Supplier of healthy snacks realises innovation, flexibility and sustainability with Icologiq Elements

Intersnack Nederland, part of the international Intersnack Group, produces a wide range of healthy snacks, crunchy popcorn, nourishing nuts and creamy peanut butter. Innovation, flexibility, sustainability and customer focus are the key elements of the company. Thanks to the all-in-one software platform Icologiq Elements, Intersnack can keep up with the times on all these points.

Intersnack has been associated with Icologiq for a couple of years. “Before we were introduced to Icologiq Elements, we still ran our company on paper,” says Sander van Drimmelen, QA Services & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Intersnack. “We chose Elements because it was an upgrade to the existing ‘system’ in many ways, particularly in terms of speed and ease of use. We save a lot of time because we no longer have to consult paper manuals to find documents. From the start, we have built and set up the system ourselves, making great progress over the past five to six years.”
The company currently uses the modules Document Management, Analytics, Audit Management, Organisation Management and Risk Management – five out of the nine modules the software provides. Sander says that Elements provides the company with several benefits. “The biggest advantage for me is the controlled workflow structure behind the system: there is a fixed structure for persons, roles and rights. You also have the option to carry out periodic reviews within set times. This way, we remain compliant with the various requirements that are imposed on us, in particular certification requirements from external sources. By staying up-to-date at all times, we decrease the risk for incorrect actions and the non-conformities that arise as a result. In addition, you are the director of the system: Elements is available to everyone in the organisation, but at the same time you can also set it up in such a way that certain parts are protected from users. This provides a sense of freedom.”

The advantages
Icologiq Elements, an all-in-one software platform that combines all necessary technical, functional and operational processes when it comes to quality and safety in one solution, consists of standard workflows, but users can also configure them themselves. “The functions of the standard package don’t cover all requirements from external sources,” explains Sander. “In this case, we have the option convert new functions to the default according to your own wishes, so that you can still benefit. That is beautiful.”
He is also pleased with the reporting function, which provides the organisation with a quick and clear insight into its situation. “You can measure everything: the follow-up of audits, the use of the system. When it comes to functionality, there are a lot of possibilities: optimisation is the next step. A good design is an important factor, we are partly responsible for this as well. Proper cooperation is essential. We have worked closely with a Consultant from Icologiq to set up a few things. It’s nice to work towards a goal together.”

Future vision
Especially during a time of in periods of transition, it is important to structurally record changes. “We are going through a cultural change within Intersnack,” says Sander. “A clear structure corresponds with this change. Lately, we have taken multiple steps within our organisation. We have gone through a transition, and we also want to link this transition to our system.”
In addition, the company is already busy making plans for the future. “In the future, we want to become paperless and make the switch to a digital way of working. This works out very nicely in the system: it is the full integration with the existing system and the system that belongs to our new culture. ”

About Intersnack

From healthy snacks and crunchy popcorn to nourishing nuts and creamy peanut butter. Intersnack Nederland has all this in its elaborate product range. The company produces, packages and sells these products under brand names such as Chio and POM-BÄR, but also under private labels for retailers. Intersnack also supplies the food industry.
The company is part of the international Intersnack Group with offices all over Europe. In the Netherlands, Intersnack can be found in Doetinchem, Lelystad and Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Innovation, flexibility, sustainability and customer focus are the company’s strengths. As a result of international experience, extensive know-how and enthusiastic professionals, Intersnack offers its customers optimum quality.

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