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Innovative Seed Breeder prioritises Quality Management with Icologiq Elements.

Inari is one of the most innovative seed companies in the world. The firm uses genomic and computational tools to improve yield and sustainability in seeds, including corn and soybeans, with the aim of improving the economic and environmental aspects of a consolidated market in production agriculture.

Inari came into contact with Icologiq through a staff member who had previously worked for a customer of Icologiq in this industry. Icologiq was able to point out to them at an early stage the need for a well-functioning document management system for the entire organisation – a topic that turned out to be especially urgent during the Coronavirus outbreak. The company had rapidly expanded its scope of activities. In addition, the rules around getting products through customs were sharpened as a result of the Coronavirus, which made it a lot more difficult to ship the seeds from e.g. South Africa to North America.


To avoid unnecessary costs on all these points, Icologiq introduced Inari Seeds to her Icologiq Elements Platform: an all-in-one software platform that bundles all necessary technical, functional and operational processes in the field of quality and safety in one solution.


The implementation

A Consultant from Icologiq guided Inari through the entire implementation online. She helped Inari design the system according to a forward-looking structure. This way, documents could be retrieved quickly and always in the right context. “Our first training week was during quarantine, but I think this was a positive thing, as it gave users more time to adopt the software,” says Emily Flynn, responsible for Seed Resources and QMS, about the implementation of the platform. “It looks like we’re making more progress now than usual.”


“We have divided the training into key features of the product,” she explains. “The first training was about loading documents, the second one about requests for change. At the end of every two-hour session, we allocated time for questions and feedback, but no one has come up with any questions or concerns so far, indicating that everything is going well.”

Future vision

Inari has had a positive experience with Icologiq Elements so far. “The internal feedback is very positive as well,” Emily says. “Every time we have a comment in the sense of a particular feature that would be useful, it turns out that the system already has this feature. The individual users are responsible for loading documents and they seem to enjoy this. During the weekly meetings, they send each other their recordings and challenge each other to achieve the most SOP’s in a week.”


When the implementation of the Document Management System proved successful, the other modules of the Icologiq Elements platform came into view. From the way things are looking now, Inari will begin implementing the modules Audit Management and Training & Competence Management in August 2020. By staying on top of their quality management system all the time, Inari gives top priority to quality and safety – a topic that is nowadays more important than ever.


World Economic Forum Award

In 2019, Inari was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Inari has secured her place among this exclusive group because of her potential to transform its industry. The WEF, which engages with the major political, industrial and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industrial agendas, has selected Inari because of her potential to solve complex problems related to plant breeding affecting agriculture across the world.


Inari Seeds has been selected from over a hundred candidates, by a committee composed of academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business leaders. Criteria for this award were innovation, potential impact and leadership.


“We are pleased to welcome Inari to our Innovative Class of Technology Pioneers of this year,” said Fulvia Montresor, Head of Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum. “Inari and her fellow Technology Pioneers are leaders in using new technologies to transform their industries. We see great potential for these next-generation companies to find solutions to global challenges and improve society for the years to come.”

About Inari

Inari uses genetic technologies and data science to develop next-generation seeds that reduce the natural resources required to grow our food, while providing farmers with more choice, performance, and value. Inari was founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2016, and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with additional sites in West Lafayette, Ind., and Ghent, Belgium.


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