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HM.Clause anchors quality in the top of the company

How often do initiatives of the top of an organisation fail during their implementation? Even when it regards business-critical projects related to quality assurance, initiating business continuity, or risk management. This is the reason why seed breeder HM.Clause has a top-down approach for its quality management, to subsequently deploy the responsibility for quality down in the organisation. The result: more dedicated employees who have a better understanding of their contribution to the organisational goals, and from that insight also come up with improvement proposals that benefit the whole organisation.

Erik Postma is Vice President Quality Assurance and Intellectual Property at HM.Clause. A position that was created when the top management made the conscious choice to launch a quality initiative in response to the ever-increasing complexity of the organisation. "At that time, we said: we need to embed quality high up in the organisation," he states.

The organisation was looking for a system to support the quality vision and found Icologiq, after an extensive search into which EQMS package best fitted the complex organisation of HM.Clause. However, before this implementation started, the organisation first took the time to take a complete look at the organisation and to identify all processes with the top management. "The key question was: how do we connect the workplace to the strategic processes and goals of the organisation?" says Postma. "It’s too easy to say: that is the role of middle management, but you know that they focus primarily on operational activities."

All processes and work identified
HM.Clause has used the IDEF and RASCI model to chart the entire organisation. All primary, supporting and mandatory (constraint) processes have been logically connected with each other. Process steps are subsections which each provide a specific contribution to the company. The procedures have been formulated for all subsections: Which tasks belong to which position? Who is responsible for the execution of a task? Who provides support, who can be consulted for advice, and who should be informed? Postma: "On the basis of their position in Icologiq, each employee can see where they are located in the total of all procedures and processes and what their added value is for the organisation. In this manner, we make the connection between the work of an individual employee and the organisation’s objectives. Employees can easily see how their work relates to that of others.

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