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ASSA ABLOY stays on top of complaints with Icologiq

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in the locking and unlocking of doors, and is known in the Netherlands for its NEMEF and LIPS brands. Reliability is an important characteristic of ASSA ABLOY products. But sometimes, something goes wrong or a lock breaks, which results in a complaint or request for repairs from the customer. QA manager Henri Nijland sees such complaints as an opportunity to improve. "The better you handle complaints, the greater the probability that a customer will buy from you again."

There is a second reason to properly register complaints. "If you record complaints, returns, and repairs in one system, you can also analyse how often things go wrong and do something about this."

ASSA ABLOY registers complaints, repairs and returns in Icologiq Elements. This software uses workflow support to ensure that all resulting activities are communicated to the appropriate person and handled timely.
Moreover, customers are kept informed - if their email address is listed - of the handling of a complaint by email. And account managers are always informed when one of their customers has filed a complaint or returned a product for repairs, so that they can take this into account in their sales meetings.

Nijland makes various analyses using the analytics feature in Icologiq Elements. "I can analyse what is going on in detail. We register complaints by type (e.g., logistical problems, product-related complaints) and by product. For example, if there is a sudden increase in a certain type of complaints, I can see exactly what is going wrong, down to the item level, so we can immediately respond."

Fast handling of complaints, efficient processes equipped with workflow, and discovering opportunities for improvement are the key benefits of working with the software. Nijland: "By working with Icologiq Elements, we have realised a complaint is a moment of customer contact based on which we can improve ourselves. Icologiq enables us to improve ourselves."

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