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Icologiq introduces Online Service Portal

Our clients have already experienced it: we have developed an Online Service Portal where users can submit registrations and track their status 24x7. How do our clients benefit from this?

Service Manager Maurice Kamphuis explains: "A registration used to be just free text, but our Service Portal uses a form with some required fields. This helps us to better identify the registration and solve the problem faster. We used to contact the person submitting the registration regularly to get additional information, but we hardly need to do this now. This has shortened our lead times."

Clients have their own page on the Online Service Portal. This allows them to track the status of their registration, and to inspect an archive of previous questions and problems. If they feel like they have a reoccurring question, they can check the archive if that is really the case and have their answer immediately. It might turn out they don't even need to submit a registration.

Online Knowledge Base

"We develop the portal in an agile manner", says Kamphuis. "This means that the first version is live right now, but that it will be further extended with additional functionality. One of the functions we are now working on is an online knowledge base. You can search in this knowledge base, but it also has a certain level of intelligence to provide suggestions to the client when he is submitting a registration, asking him: "Do you mean this?" It basically works like Google. We can further reduce the number of reports in this manner. But more importantly: our clients receive answers to their questions much faster." 

Internally, the Online Service Portal also has an advantage, as it is much easier to create reports on various types of submitted questions and problems thanks to the standard form. "It is much harder to automate analysing free text," says Kamphuis. "We now have more insight into the cause of problems, and can take more targeted actions to remove this cause."

Clients respond with enthusiasm. Even though some clients must get used to the fact that they need to provide more information in their additional registration. "This means that the person submitting the registration must sometimes discuss with the person asking the question or discovering the problem, because he otherwise cannot properly submit the registration." This feels like a waste of time, but really isn't, as we would need this information anyway, which would mean we would need to specifically ask the person submitting the registration for it," says Kamphuis. "We have introduced this to reduce the lead time of registrations. And we can already see the results."

Click here to open the iCOLOGiQ Online Service Portal.

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