Inspiring case studies about the unlimited possibilities of Icologiq Elements. How leading organisations in their sector apply this platform to digitise and standardise their global processes.

How structuring organisations around processes contributes to their overall performance.

The core activity of HM.Clause, an international vegetable seed producer, involves the development of vegetable seeds in a sustainable and innovative way, while always prioritising quality. In order to guarantee the highest quality, HM.Clause has made the transition from a traditional corporate structure at department level to a corporate structure based on processes. For this, HM.Clause applies an all-in-one global software platform that combines all technical, functional and operational processes in the field of quality, compliance and operational excellence: Icologiq Elements.
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Using Quality Management to optimise food safety

The Netherlands is to form the center for global food innovation with the Global Coordinating Secretariat (GCS) in Wageningen, as announced by Dutch Prime Minister Rutte during a recent digital meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Due to the current economic and ecologic challenges the world is facing, combining the powers of ICT and AgriFood is more important than ever to produce sufficient food that meets all safety standard. As an ICT company with multiple customers in the AgriFood industry, how does Icologiq help solve this challenge?
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Working at Icologiq: Ester Elferink (Business Consultant)

In 1994, Ester was the first employee to be hired at Icologiq (called Quality Online back then). After 10 years at Icologiq and 15 years of work experience in other areas, she is now back in the team as a Business Consultant. "I love how proud we are of the product we develop together."
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“A company culture changes if you change the way of working – not the other way around”

As a manager, you are always focused on the future. You set certain short and long-term goals, such as becoming a market leader or expanding abroad. But when implementing them you always have to deal with things that go differently than expected or should be improved. How do you deal with this as a manager?
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