Inspiring case studies about the unlimited possibilities of Icologiq Elements. How leading organisations in their sector apply this platform to digitise and standardise their global processes.

Streaming Video’s: the Future of Adequate Competency Management

When a company hires new employees, it is important to assure they are sufficiently trained and have access to the information they need in order to learn and carry out their work, adequatly and free of errors. Erik Postma, Global Head of Quality Management & Environment at the international seed breeding company HM.Clause, talks about the importance of adequate Competence Management and the role videos can play in this.
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The growing importance of supply chain control

In recent years, there has been a change regarding the requirements for (international) partnerships. Nowadays, as a manager of a company, you are not only responsible for your own business operations, but also those of your partners and suppliers. As a result, supply chain control is becoming an increasingly important part of quality management. How did this trend arise and what can you as a manager do to conform?
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