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Icologiq Elements helps De Heus Animal Nutrition consistently meet quality standards – despite the different climates of their farms

For De Heus Animal Nutrition, one of the largest international producers of animal food worldwide, there are two important core ingredient to their production: Safety and consistency. With locations all over the world, De Heus wants to ensure that their factories all over the world guarantee the same quality to the feed they produce. To achieve this, De Heus has standardized their approach to quality, using Icologiq’s enterprise quality management system “Elements”. Their standardized way of working not only helps the company guarantee the same quality in all of their locations worldwide, but also enables them to handle actual challenges such as climate change.
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Icologiq’s Service Desk: First Contact for Questions regarding Icologiq Products

Our employees are ready to help you, as a customer of Icologiq, every day. Maurice Kamphuis has been working at Icologiq for 17 years and is currently our Manager Development & Support. Five months ago, Lisa Kohlstrung has joined him as Support Engineer. Together, Maurice and Lisa handle all questions that customers register in the Icologiq Online Service Portal. “Customers can contact us with all types of questions they may have.”
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Christmas spirit: Icologiq invests in sustainability

The holidays are coming and in the context of sustainability - and also because we often work from home due to corona - we have decided to take a slightly different approach to our annual Christmas gift this year. We value building lasting relationships with our customers, which is why we will plant 8 trees for each customer. These trees will be planted by the Trees For All organization in the Netherlands and Ghana, to stimulate a better climate and more biodiversity. In addition, the trees also symbolize our desire to continue to grow together in the future: with our employees and with our customers. On behalf of our team, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2022!
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Elements as a Service: the advantages of on-premise and cloud combined

At Icologiq, we don't just supply Elements as a product, but when purchasing Elements as a Service, we deliver an amount of service with it. Our specialists are ready to assist with the installation and upgrade of your Elements application, ensuring rapid deployment and a high degree of availability. In collaboration with our partner Previder, we move your Elements application to Previder's IT infrastructure. This allows us to provide you with an even faster and more effective service in preventing and solving technical problems, while at the same time keeping you in control of your data.
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