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Food, Feed & Seed

Especially large, international companies in the food and agri sector, are often confronted with fragmentation: the chaos that arises when each branch of their organisation operates in a different way. As a manager, you easily lose the overview, leading to the same mistakes being made over and over again. Icologiq Elements allows all of your employees to operate in a standardised way, with changes and improvements being immediatly implemented organisation-wide.

Safely and efficiently

Icologiq Elements offers a complete pallet of application templates to fill the entire playing field of QHSE within these sectors. Each location works according to the same principles and starting points. Routine tasks disappear – whether it concerns complaint handling, SHE management or Document Control. This relieves employees enormously, because they can now spend their time serving and communicating with customers in a less stressful way.

A clear story

The main advantage that Icologiq Elements offers to fast-growing companies in these sectors, is the amount of time saved with process standardisation. Many food companies have expanded rapidly during mergers and takeovers, while the acquired companies each use their own methods and systems. As a result, companies and factories in the food sector are often left with a legacy: outdated systems that do not work in an integrated way, therefore hindering the uniformity and standardisation.

Case studies

Inspiring case studies about the unlimited possibilities of Icologiq Elements. How leading organisations in their sector apply this platform to digitise and standardise their global processes.

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