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Icologiq Elements in the Chemical, Oil & Gas Industry

Compliance and safety are very important within the Chemical, Oil & Gas sector. Organizations must comply with laws, regulations and strict safety requirements. Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is a common term in companies operating in this industry. Organizations try to make quality and safety an integral part of the daily work through internal programmes. By registering incidents and events, identifying risks and performing internal and external audits, organizations are continuously engaged in compliance and continuous improvements.

Icologiq helps by digitizing and normalizing processes and offers solutions in the following areas:

Safety management

Icologiq Elements captures all risks, creating insight into their frequency. The status of proposed improvements that must prevent risks is also captured. Thanks to this continuous feedback between the formulated policy and its implementation, you remain informed if improvements are actually being implemented.

Risk management

Based on a generic deployable risk matrix, all types of reports can be assessed on their potential risks. Prioritised risks can be managed thanks to continuous monitoring.

SHE Management

This module allows for easy capturing, handling and reporting on various types of events (such as incidents, near misses, observations or inspections).

Management of Change

The Management of Change module standardises the process of relevant changes within an organisation based on a workflow. Each type of change can be assessed base on predefined criteria. After this, the implementation of the change can be tracked and evaluated. The relevance and effectiveness of already implemented changes can be re-assessed at any time.

Icologiq offers a complete standardised framework of configurable solutions for this:

Law and Regulations

Icologiq Elements standardises all processes that relate to the management of risks and safety. Naturally, this standard incorporates all applicable legislation and regulations. By managing risks and safety with Icologiq Elements, you know exactly whether you are compliant. A dashboard provides insight into fields requiring measures and indicates the priorities.

BRZO 2015 (Dutch implementation Seveso III-directive)

The BRZO directive is integrated within the standard processes that we have defined in Icologiq Elements. This allows you to know whether your organisation is compliant with the Seveso III directive at all times.

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