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Icologiq Elements in Agri & Food

The Food & Agri sector are logically linked. In both sectors, decisiveness and innovation are very important. Icologiq supports in digitising processes and smarter organising.

Icologiq offers solutions in the following areas:

Vendor Quality Management

This contains the complete and worldwide management of supplier reviews, the validation of supplier-product combination and maintaining this all. The module is an integral solution which is internationally usable and which contains all the aspects of the validation process  All disciplines who work together in this process (e.g. nutrition specialists, purchasers and business unit managers) can do this in one single environment. 

Continuous improvement

Improvement proposals can be led through the organisation in a process-based approach. If and how an improvement could be made can be assessed from every applicable viewpoint. Since improvements are translated into implementation through the Icologiq platform, complex mutations that affect multiple processes and multiple departments can be rapidly and effectively implemented throughout the organisation.

Risk management

Based on a generic deployable risk matrix, all types of reports can be assessed on their potential risks. Prioritized risks can be managed thanks to continuous monitoring.


Digitalisation plays a dominant role in the Agri & Food industry because it enables the complete chain to be closed, from the producer to the consumer. The Icologiq Elements platform is the perfect environment for the digital cooperation between all parties.

Event Control

This module allows for easy capturing, handling and reporting on various types of events (such as incidents, near misses, observations or inspections).

Safety management

Icologiq Elements captures all risks, creating insight into their frequency. The status of proposed improvements that must prevent risks is also captured. Thanks to this continuous feedback between the formulated policy and its implementation, you remain informed if improvements are actually being implemented.

Law and Regulations

The module standardises all processes that relate to the management of risks and safety. Naturally, this standard incorporates all applicable legislation and regulations. By managing risks and safety with EQMS, you know exactly whether you are compliant. A dashboard provides insight into fields requiring measures and indicates the priorities.

Icologiq offers a complete standardized framework of configurable solutions for this:

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