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Every challenge demands
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During these times of rapid technological change and sharpening legal and regulatory requirements, companies are faced with a growing complexity in their business operations. Companies that operate internationally often do not yet have generic standards to be used for their various locations, when it comes to getting products approved. As a result, each branch and each country operates in their own way, which does not contribute to the uniformity in the company. In addition, many organisations still work with an outdated combination of tools, which are not sufficient for this complexity.

Innovation is key

The all-in-one software platform Icologiq Elements facilitates the innovation of processes from a central point in the organisation. The software enables companies to get the best out of their people and teams. By automating routine tasks, the people can fully focus on their main tasks. Moreover, the fragmentation as a result of local solutions and spreadsheets, is solved by converting the data into a reliable, transparent platform that enables companies to digitise all of their processes related to safety, compliance and operational excellence – within a short timeframe.

Our customers

The success of our approach is all about people. Therefore, the use of Icologiq’s software does not lead to IT projects, but to change processes that are supported by employees from the start. This is the key to efficient processes and motivated employees. At Icologiq, we aim to enable employees to use their expert knowledge in processes, which in turn can lead to significant results in line with the regulations that apply.

Designed for today's technology

Icologiq offers over 20 years of experience with the digitisation of quality management processes and Corporate Reporting. Icologiq’s customers are active in various industries where strict regulations apply, such as Medical Devices, Food, Feed and Seed, and Oil Tanking. Below, you can read more about the value that Elements adds to these industries.

Medical Devices

The leaders in the Medical Devices sector are the companies that market a product that not only works, but continues to work significantly. Medical device developers have to comply with strict safety requirements, which are regularly subject to change. When an organisation doesn’t meet these requirements, the safety is at risk and costs can quickly add up.

With Icologiq Elements, your organisation meets all of the international standards and guidelines at all times, allowing your organisation to work more efficiently worldwide and to avoid unnecessary costs. Icologiq Elements contains all the building blocks for a safe digital quality system in accordance with ISO 13485: 2015. Elements is also suitable for use within multiple locations. The system is quick to configure and implement and relieves employees of routine tasks, so that they can focus on their core tasks.

Case studies

Inspiring case studies about the unlimited possibilities of Icologiq Elements. Read here how leading organisations in their sector apply this platform to digitise and standardise their global processes.

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