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Icologiq’s Service Desk: First Contact for Questions regarding Icologiq products


Our employees are ready to help you, as a customer of Icologiq, every day. Maurice Kamphuis has been working at Icologiq for 17 years and is currently our Manager Development & Support. Five months ago, Lisa Kohlstrung has joined him as Support Engineer. Together, Maurice and Lisa handle all questions that customers register in the Icologiq Online Service Portal. “Customers can contact us with all types of questions they may have.”

Lisa explains what managing the service desk entails. “As service desk employee, we are the first contact for our customers. Customers can contact us for malfunctions and questions that have been submitted. Firstly, we perform an analysis to see if we can solve the issues ourselves. If not, we pass it on to the second line support: the Consultancy or Development departments.”

All types of questions

What kind of questions do they get in a day? “Customers can contact us with all types of questions they may have,” says Lisa. “We receive many different questions, from malfunctions to setting up templates. If a question can be answered quickly, for example when a customer asks for an explanation, we handle it ourselves. If a lot of research is required, we forward the report to the second line support. We sometimes have to deal with the same questions multiple times. For this reason, we are now expanding the knowledgebase with a FAQ section.”

“Questions that can be included in the FAQ are, for example, questions about the use of reports, the design of the system, and how translations work in the modules. It can be very broad. We actually want to analyze the service desk reports in advance, so that we can find out what the frequently asked questions are and how to solve them. Many issues can also be easily resolved by the customer themselves and do not necessarily require help from the Servicedesk. This is why we aim to continuously improve the knowledgebase and fill the FAQ section with step-by-step explanations.”

Tips for quick problem solving

“To us, it’s very important to always answer our customers as quickly as possible,” Lisa says. “I know how annoying it can be to hear nothing for too long. However, some questions are easier to answer than others. Sometimes, we are dealing with multiple complicated questions at the same time, for example about the layout of reports, for which we first have to consult with our consultants about the possibilities. We do try to keep all our customers informed of the status of the questions, so that they know what we have already done and what still needs to be done.”

Finally, Maurice shares a tip for quick problem solving. “The more information you add to the initial registration, the greater the chance that we immediately understand the question, so that we can start looking for solutions,” he says. “Sometimes, we see questions being described in only a few words or sentences. This makes it unclear to us what is going on. As a result, we have to keep emailing back and forth, which takes a lot of time. Contact with customers mainly takes place via email, but for complex problems, we can of course also use other means of communication such as zoom or teams.”

About Icologiq Elements

Over the years, Icologiq has further elaborated the underlying vision on process-based working in its all-in one software platform Icologiq Elements. Elements is an integrated management system that allows companies to direct and monitor their processes, documents and documentation and actions, with the ultimate goal of achieving global uniformity and operational excellence in all processes.