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Icologiq Elements nominated Innovation Top 100 (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)


Icologiq Elements has been nominated for the 15th edition of the KvK Innovation Top 100 – an achievement we are proud of! The KVK Innovation Top 100 is an annual competition, organised by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), for innovative SMEs in the Netherlands. Last year it was our product Universe with which we obtained the 26th place in the Top 100, this year it’s Icologiq Elements that made it to the honourable ranking.

As a result of the Corona crisis, many (international) companies and sectors are under pressure. Employees can no longer travel, expats have been sent back to their home country, physical checks from the head office must be carried out remotely, there is a delay in answering vacancies or they are not answered at all and Training & Competency Management cannot take place “on the job”. As a result, essential matters such as Quality Management are under pressure, causing managers to lose track of the business processes. This requires the digitisation of processes.

For organisations that operate worldwide as one company, the use of Icologiq Elements offers great advantages. These organisations can distinguish themselves because they standardise and digitise their business processes worldwide with a single platform, simultaneously making all quality information accessible in one place. Standardisation also leads to reliable uniform processes, better mutual cooperation and more peace of mind and job satisfaction. Employees ultimately become happier with standardisation because they spend much less time manually entering data, which enables them to focus on their core tasks. Satisfied and happy employees in turn lead to higher productivity and predictable results.

About the KvK Top 100

The annual KVK Innovation Top 100 shows what the Netherlands are good at: innovation! Entrepreneurs from Dutch small and medium-sized businesses compete every year for a place in the KvK Innovation Top 100.

Would you like to help Icologiq obtain a high place in the ranking this year as well? You can put out your vote down below. Thank you!

About Icologiq Elements

We advise and support organisations in their transition from a traditional quality management system to a digital one (eQMS). This often allows our customers worldwide to work more effectively and efficiently, reduce their costs and simultaneously show at any time that they comply with laws and regulations.

Icologiq was voted #26 in the Top 100 of most innovative companies in the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in 2019. Projects we carry out, lead to structural and sustainable organisational improvements and digital excellence. Our modern working and communication methods allow us to work effectively with our clients who have to meet high requirements and strict regulations. Severe sanctions are lurking, meaning our clients apply a strict regime of improvement management and operational excellence.

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