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An overview of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not listed? Contact us directly via the button below.

Yes, the system can be used internationally. Icologiq Elements knows and supports multiple foreign languages, time zones and currencies. In addition, the system offers standardised international process definitions.

Processes do not change, they are stable and reliable. It is difficult for people to think in terms of processes, which is why we focus on standardising these processes. We have recorded the process-oriented actions in detail by means of workflow. Standardisation brings mental peace to employees and reliability to relations, which in turn ensures security for users. This way, you can get the most out of your processes and your people.

At Icologiq, we work in a determined team with different specialisms, which ensures fast and direct communication. We attach great importance to close cooperation between professionals from Icologiq and the professionals at our customers’ companies. This collaboration reduces complexity to simple understandable and workable process steps. Icologiq distinguishes itself in the fact that all of our projects are completed on time, in accordance with the budget and the desired specifications.

Our software is supported largely, both centrally and locally. This means that you can use the software on many different devices at all your locations. The quick and simple implementation phase contributes greatly to this.

The functionality of Icologiq Elements is practice-oriented. Applying many years of practical experience has ensured a pleasant and logical functionality. The process of continuous improvement from practice is an important distinguishing feature in the market, which contributes to Icologiq Elements’ has a high user rating.

The process standardisation that Icologiq brings, leads to a high amount of flexibility in the organisation. By standardising the process level in detail, you can implement, design and secure process digitisation for your organisation faster and more flexibly. The more your organisation standardises, you will have fewer discussions and more freedom of movement, for example to use creativity in coming up with solutions.

In practice, customisation leads to poorly thought-out and, in the long term, useless improvements. Our standard solution, based on long-term experience with various situations, has a higher validation and fewer exceptions. This is positive, as exceptions are a weakness in the process.

Improvements that aren’t useful for all application areas, are offered as a configurable option. You can switch it on and off to configure the software according to your own wishes. This prevents customisation. Each configurable option is the result of an improvement proposal with various options to further improve the system, so that with each option, you can further configure the software yourself.

You can make the applications and templates available to new entities, locations and users, with a few clicks of the mouse.

Within many organisations, all kinds of tools and resources are still being used locally, while they no longer fit the challenges of our time. Icologiq Elements puts an end to this kind of fragmentation. Instead of local solutions, you will switch to one robust central information system for QMS.

Icologiq Elements has a centralised reporting function, with the output made available to a central business intelligent solution. As a manager, you can channel information in order to make good decisions. With Icologiq Elements, a consistent insight into all process information is generated.

No matter how extensive the implementation is, the employees involved in the management do not need more than a few hours per week to manage the process.

The design of Icologiq fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 (process orientation). This forms the basis for compliance with all ISO-based standards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and, for example, OHSAH. Elements aims to comply with all international and local standards and guidelines at all times, anywhere in the world.

We serve all of our customers from one helpdesk, used by one employee each day. This ensures personal communication, quick responses and good service at a proven high level, which is laid down in a clearly defined SLA.

The handling of processes is captured in standard workflows. This allows employees who solve problems and complaints, to act quickly and actively and communicate with colleagues in other departments and other locations.

You can centrally record all of the in- and explicit knowledge within your organisation and share it with your employees in a secured way. You can do this through applications and through documentation. The aim is to make maximum use of the knowledge within your organisation. A Corporate Dictionary, among other things, contributes to this.

Via API’s, you can easily link the system to existing information systems.

All of the applications can be translated into any common language with the use of a simple translation table. By default, Icologiq Elements is delivered in the English and Dutch language. Translation tables are shared within the Icologiq Community, so that Icologiq Elements can be used in all major language areas in the world.

The option for entering and consulting information is made easy by the mobile interface. This accelerates the level of use and thus the adoption of Icologiq Elements (Work in Process (WIP). The ease that arises causes a higher use of the solution and this way, the organisation experiences the benefits of Icologiq-Elements.

When asked how he would summarise his relationship with Icologiq in one word, one of our customers answers without a doubt: equal. “They understand our business, we can communicate with each other on an equal level,” he says. “We learn from them and they learn from us. It’s not just a customer-supplier relationship, but a real partnership.”

The central policy is translated in a structured way via documentation and process definitions, using Icologiq Elements, to local operations anywhere in the world. Employees at a distance from the main organisation can and want to work with Elements quickly, taking into account the culture and, for example, other working methods, interaction and forms of communication.

An organisation that works with processes has to structure itself at a process level instead of a department level. This process structure should be followed by companies in order to be ISO certified. Research has shown that companies that work according to the ISO method, can save as much as 5-10% in operational costs. Moreover, it leads to an improvement in the reputation: a company that delivers fewer flawed products will receive fewer complaints. This in turn leads to lower costs and more satisfied customers, which increases the market share.