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Process Innovation

The goal of Elements is to centrally provide the organisation with the right tools to solve problems, handle complaints, realise improvements, implement change in a structured and safe way, identify and manage risks in the right way, and ensure that people can work safely from any point in the organisation. The software enables companies to get the best out of their people and teams. By automating routine tasks, the people can fully focus on their main tasks. In addition, the fragmentation of local solutions and spreadsheets is converted into a reliable, transparent platform with which companies cover all their processes related to safety, quality, welfare and the environment.

The product: Icologiq Elements

Icologiq Elements is an all-in-one software platform that bundles all operational, technical and functional processes into one completely digital solution, organisation-wide. The platform consists of 9 modules that cover all aspects of quality management and can be implemented directly in all your locations worldwide, also remotely. It ensures the continuity of your business operations and provides reliability, even in uncertain times, at substantially lower costs. The intensive contact with our community of companies that use our platform leads to further improvements, facilitating the new normal.

Peer Reinhard
iSifotografie_Icologiq-21 Cees Dissel - Sr Business Consultant
Cees Dissel
Sr. Business Consultant
iSifotografie_Icologiq-32 Youp Elzing - Consultant

Youp Elzing

iSifotografie_Icologiq-9 Marieke Kingma - Management & Legal Assistant

Marieke Kingma

Management & Legal Assistant
iSifotografie_Icologiq-18 Bob Veenvliet - Consultant

Bob Veenvliet

iSifotografie_Icologiq-3 Maurice Kamphuis - Manager Development & Support

Maurice Kamphuis

Manager Development & Support

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Icologiq was founded in 1996, then named Quality Online. In 2014, we changed our name to Icologiq, a combination of three aspects that are important to our customers: an ecosystem for information management, the logic of processes and the IQ of the smart organisation.

Merging these three aspects, we have developed the Icologiq Elements Platform: an integrated set of standard applications, easy to manage centrally and quickly deployable locally. From the start, our Elements platform was focused on managing and improving processes. By placing the responsibility lower in the organisation, you only automate what needs to be automated, and your employees get more room to optimise processes themselves.

Since the founding of Icologiq, we have focused on organisations within sectors in the market that have to meet high requirements from regulations and governments. Organisations that often operate internationally and wish to comply with the regulations applicable to their industry in a uniform manner, globally as well as locally. We are doing so according to the motto “Continuous Compliance”, meaning ready for an audit or inspection at any time. Our customers are mainly in the Food, Feed & Seed, Medical Devices and Energy sectors.

In addition, we are pursuing an active policy when it comes to maintaining our software, so that our customers can always use the latest (ICT) technology. We attach great importance to the feedback from our customers. Through our many years of collaboration with them, we have developed and implemented many best practices in our software. This ensures a short learning curve: relevant feedback from customers can be implemented immediately.

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Our customers

“The big advantage of process management is being ensured you understand each other. It's the only way to make sure everyone involved feels the same way about the product, so that you can collaborate efficiently with colleagues around the world."
Erik Postma
H.M. Clause
“Icologiq is in charge of the maintenance of the package, which relieves us enormously. We don't have to worry that the package is not up to date, that the servers need to be updated, and so on. Because the entire management process is no longer with us, we can also focus on the core business.”
Peter Deen
Medicc Sports
“The internal feedback from our employees is very positive. Every time we think a particular feature would be useful, it turns out that the system already has that feature.”
Emily Flynn
Inari Seeds
“I would describe the collaboration with Icologiq as equal. They understand our business, we can talk to each other on an equal level. We learn from them and they learn from us. It is not a customer-supplier relationship, but a real partnership.”
René Gijsbers
de heus
“The advantage of digitisation in general is that the company can harmonise a number of activities worldwide at an organisation-wide level. This provides you with a bit of transparency and a bit of control, and control is risk management - resulting in reducing risks. You ensure that you can easily carry out a number of processes worldwide in an easy way, which prevents problems and unnecessary costs. You strive to prevent problems, because solving them afterwards is always costly.”
Carl Ijzerman
De Heus
“As a manager, you are in charge of the process: the system is available to everyone in the organisation, but at the same time you can also set it up in such a way that certain parts are protected from users. This leads to a sense of freedom.”
Sander van Drimmelen

Proud of our customers

De Heus
Fresenius Kabi
HM Clause
Medicc Sports
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Inspiring case studies about the unlimited possibilities of Icologiq Elements. Read here how leading organisations in different sectors apply this platform to digitise and standardise their global processes.

Icologiq Elements helps De Heus Animal Nutrition consistently meet quality standards – despite the different climates of their farms

For De Heus Animal Nutrition, one of the largest international producers of animal food worldwide, there are two important core ingredient to their production: Safety and consistency. With locations all over the world, De Heus wants to ensure that their factories all over the world guarantee the same quality to the feed they produce. To achieve this, De Heus has standardized their approach to quality, using Icologiq’s enterprise quality management system “Elements”. Their standardized way of working not only helps the company guarantee the same quality in all of their locations worldwide, but also enables them to handle actual challenges such as climate change.
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Icologiq’s Service Desk: First Contact for Questions regarding Icologiq Products

Our employees are ready to help you, as a customer of Icologiq, every day. Maurice Kamphuis has been working at Icologiq for 17 years and is currently our Manager Development & Support. Five months ago, Lisa Kohlstrung has joined him as Support Engineer. Together, Maurice and Lisa handle all questions that customers register in the Icologiq Online Service Portal. “Customers can contact us with all types of questions they may have.”
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Contact our team for questions about our software.