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Training and the transfer of knowledge is an essential component of using our EQMS software. Training and transfer of knowledge can take place during a deployment project, but can also be offered in a separate project to expand or refresh the knowledge on certain components.

Icologiq also provides training on-site or remotely through web conferencing, which can be especially effective in educating international key users and/or end users.

We provide the following (possibly combined) training methods depending on the purpose of the training:


During a train-the-trainer session, training is given to a select group of 4 to 10 end-users: the so-called key users.
Key users are end-users representing a specific department, location or business unit of the organisation and are often already involved in the implementation process.
The purpose of this training is to train the key users so that they can independently provide a larger group of users (for example, their own department) with the knowledge needed for everyday use of the system.

Knowledge transfer

In a knowledge transfer session, users are trained in the use of specific features. Usually, these sessions take place with end-users with a specific role within the system, for example:
- Transfer of the technical details of the system to Application Administrators.
- Giving Functional Administrators an explanation of the configuration options and the managing of users, groups, and access rights.
- Teaching managers about reports available via the analytics feature.


If hands-on work on certain features is required, Icologiq can provide workshops to larger groups of end-users (10 to 30 people).
Workshops are especially valuable when support is needed for certain processes from beginning to end, such as creating and releasing documents, recording and tracking messages, and creating and generating reports.
During a workshop, the participants work simultaneously on sample cases, with 1 or 2 Icologiq trainers available for support.

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