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Training & Qualification Management

The training and qualification module within Icologiq Elements

Why Icologiq Elements Training & Qualification Management?

People are the heart of your organization. When improving your organization, their knowledge and insights are vital. This idea is the foundation of Training & Qualification Management.

This module allows you to register, manage and analyze information about courses, education and skills of your employees on one single platform. Focus on the skills of your employees instead of the administrative work, so your organization can benefit optimally.

The competence section of ISO 9001:2015 is the basis for this module. Thanks to workflow support, follow-ups are automatically allocated to the correct employees. Input for this can also be retrieved from other modules.

Additionally you can generate reports: in which areas are opportunities for employees to develop, what is the status of courses your employees are taking and get insights on the knowledge available in your organization.

The following benefits apply:

Curious about what Training & Qualification Management can do for your organization? Contact us and find out.