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SHE Management

The safety, health and environment management module within Icologiq Elements

Why Icologiq Elements SHE Management software?

Every organization wants to manage risks. This is only possible if all events in the field of quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) are recorded in a structured and monitored risk management system.

The SHE Management module is a collection of applications that together provide all the necessary functionality in the fields of quality, safety, compliance, corporate social responsibility and risk management. Register events quick on one single platform and coordinate follow-up. This way, thresholds to report incidents and improvements are reduced for your employees. Also, a quality- safety- and innovation specialist is able to do a first review without any delay. 

With SHE Management you can:

Register on location

Co-workers are able to register events whenever and wherever they want to via mobile or tablet. This feature makes registered information more valuable (data is not lost/forgotten) and up-to-date. No signal available on the location of the event that is being registered? This is covered by the option to work offline, as soon as the mobile device is connected again, the data will be send.

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VTTI uses Icologiq Elements for registering security risks which emerge during safety inspections or Safety Observation Rounds (SORS). The risk scores determine the prioritisation of the follow-up and which persons should be automatically notified.