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Risk Management

The risk management module within Icologiq Elements

Why Icologiq Elements Risk Management?

Risk management is about mapping internal and external risks. Are you planning to make a proactive business activity out of this? By using the Risk Management module you are able to execute risk management step by step: first map all the risks, evaluate them and plan countermeasures. Workflow support allows you to activate co-workers in your organization: based on their role, tasks will be allocated to them.

You are in control of the tool and therefore you are able to determine which risks are mapped by the software. By using a risk matrix you are able to prioritize risks. Based on the matrix and priorities, you can determine counter measures and allocate them to specific co-workers. The software itself monitors the effectiveness of these measures: analyze risks and their measures by using the analytics feature in our software and get quick insights into where bottlenecks are.

Benefits for your organization:

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