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Implementing a EQMS platform is a change project

Rolling out an EQMS platform is easy, but the initial configuration requires more attention. We depend on your input during this configuration. We want to learn how your organisation currently works. We identify the actual processes in the workplace and set them up according to our principle: keep it simple where possible, and give employees the professional freedom within the set framework to do their work at their discretion.

Simplifying work processes

We configure the EQMS platform based on these newly designed and usually very simplified processes. In other words: we optimise and digitise work processes by simplifying them and providing workflow support. The actual implementation is actually the last step of the change process. The custom configuration ensures that you work with a standard package, with all its advantages, which feels custom-made because the software integrates seamlessly with your processes.

Sandbox implementation

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We want clients to experience the benefits of this approach as soon as possible. We do this through a so-called sandbox implementation. We offer a working configuration of the system in an isolated environment to show how it can address your challenges.

This stepwise approach guarantees success!

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