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Document Management

The document management module within Icologiq Elements

Why Icologiq Elements Document Management?

Research indicates that knowledge workers are unproductive between 10 and 25% of their work time due to their ongoing search for the right information needed to perform their work. Document Management in the Icologiq Elements platform, solves this problem. Icologiq transforms document management into a platform feature which allows effectiveness and efficiency throughout the entire organization.

Uniform processes for creating, managing, using and finding all type of documents is a uniform corporate function. All benefits of deploying this module apply to all entities of your organization, organisation-wide and around the world. All administrative burdens related to document management disappear. What remains are employees who can access the right information quickly and can focus on their actual work.

Document Management offers all the features and controls needed to manage, distribute, and archive business-critical information safely. Centrally managed storage structures, easy configured read and edit rights and comprehensive 'full-text' search capabilities ensures that all documents in the system are quickly accessible and easy to find.

With Icologiq Document Management:

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WUR Livestock
"Being able to check the history of a document has proven to be very useful. It saves a lot of effort, and you immediately know who to ask if you have any questions about a modification."
"Icologiq Elements is a valuable tool, both for the workplace and the management."
Bayer CropScience uses Document Management to manage and distribute quality and safety documentation on a global level. Within the business units and activities, information is made available to employees on the basis of 'need to know', with which employees always have access to accurate information and are not burdened with information not applicable to them.
Air Liquide
Air Liquide uses multiple Icologiq Elements applications. Document Management makes quality and operational documentation available to users in all locations in Spain and Portugal in their own language.
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