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Continual Improvement

The innovation management module in Icologiq Elements 

Why Icologiq Elements Continual Improvement?

Are you planning to stimulate innovation in your organization? And collect all proposals for improvement? To actually follow-up on real ideas and thus improve processes in your organization, the module Continual Improvement has been developed.

The module allows users to register all sort of ideas and proposals; you can use it as a suggestion box or as a central hub for ideas that are reported to the service desk.

In Continual Improvement, workflow support makes sure the right people get notifications about tasks they need to perform. Co-workers who own knowledge about where bottlenecks are, are stimulated to submit their ideas.

Continual Improvement offers you:

Mobile and tablet

Users of the Continual Improvement module are now able to register ideas via mobile or tablet. Our latest software update has made this feature possible, which provides more flexibility for your co-workers; they are no longer tied to their desk.

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