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Audit Management

The audit management module within Icologiq Elements

Why Icologiq Elements Audit Management?

Many organizations are dealing with an increase in audits by supervisors, clients and a growing set of regulations. To safeguard an efficiënt process of registrating audit results, an increased number of organizations are exploring to opportunity to digitalize the audit process. Icologiq has developed the Audit Management module for this purpose. 

By using our Audit Management module you get support for:

The deployment of Icologiq Elements Audit Management ensures that audits are carried out in a uniform manner throughout the organization and enables the basic report to be standardized. This provides transparency and uniformity and promotes flexibility. This consolidation process also results in growing participation and employee satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about the benefits for your organization, contact us for more info.

"You want to show an external auditor at a glance what problem you have solved, how you have solved it, and how the solution has been incorporated into other systems. It is a kind of one-stop compliance for process improvements."
WUR Livestock:
"In our operations, we use documents which aim to maintain and improve the quality of our work. In Icologiq, we manage work instructions, procedures, forms, manuals, checklists, reference books, and other relevant documents.